All students, faculty and staff at Iowa Western Community College use one account to log into campus computers, ROC, and email.

Important Information Regarding Your Account
  • Student account usernames: The first letter of first name + last name + last 3 digits of their student ID number + (ie.
  • Initial password: For students are set to iowawestern + last 6 digits of their social security number (ie. iowawestern123456).
    • Please note: If you did not provide the college with a Social Security Number, your initial password is iowawestern + 7-digit Student ID number. (ie: iowawestern0123456)
  • New Passwords:
    • Must contain 15 characters or more
    • You may use any combination of letters, numbers and symbols.
    • You may not use your name or any previous password
Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Setup Instructions

Students and employees are required to enable multi-factor authentication in order to access their account. This is similar to what you are likely already familiar with, when accessing your bank or email address.

Please see the documents below to reflect your particular situation. If you have any trouble, please contact Support here [email protected] or 712-325-3220.

Microsoft Authenticator Setup
For Android and iPhone users - Directions for Setting Up Multifactor Authentication with Microsoft Authenticator.

MFA Setup using the Google Authenticator
If you have an Android device and would prefer to use Google Authenticator instead of the Microsoft Authenticator App, you can use this option.

MFA Setup for Google Chromebooks
Directions for Setting Up Multifactor Authentication on Google Chromebooks.

Re-Register Multifactor Authentication
Steps for re-registering devices when you can no longer do Multifactor Authentication.
*NOTE: this process will require a request to be put in with Iowa Western’s Information Technology department and will require you to perform a password reset for identification purposes.*

New accounts must be activated by setting a new password prior to logging into ROC. Accounts may be activated online by using the link below, or by logging into any computer on campus. New student accounts will be ready for activation the day following the student's initial registration date.

In addition to activating your IWCC account you may also use this web site to change an existing or expired password, or to have your password reset, if you don't know your current password.

Activate My Account / Change My IWCC Password (NOTE: This link will take you to a Microsoft Page.)
If you have never logged in to an IWCC system, or if you would like to change your password, use this link (NOTE: After you change your password, you will be taken to A Microsoft Profile page. Simply log out and close your browser.)

Reset My IWCC Password
Use this form if you do NOT know your current IWCC password and would like to reset it.